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Dr. Alexander Flor, a skilled and experienced surgeon, may refer you for surgery i.e. if you have had several episodes of thrombophlebitis – the recurring inflammation of a vein – or the bleeding from a varicose vein that has broken down. However, the most common treatment for varicose veins is still considered to be surgery.

Surgical ligation and stripping pose higher numbers of possible side effects than ambulatory phlebectomy, laser surgery and endoscopic vein surgery. Nevertheless, serious medical complications are rare. Dr. Flor ties the varicose vein shut, to remove the long or short saphenous veins in the legs. Patients receive local or general anesthesia prior to surgery.

Dr. Flor performing endovenous laser surgery

Laser surgery is performed by inserting a thin laser fiber into the vein. The fiber is then slowly removed as the laser energy flows through the fiber, causing the vein walls to collapse and seal shut. This is done by inserting a laser fiber directly into the vein through a small incision and transmitting energy through the fiber while it is slowly removed from the vein.

Foam sclerotherapy is used to treat the larger veins. Sclerotherapy involves injecting a chemical into your varicose veins. Your legs will be tightly bandaged afterwards.

Dr. Flor will suggest you to wear compression stockings after surgery as well as after other varicose veins treatments. The thrombo-embolic deterrent stockings (TED) will improve circulation in your legs. They are tightest at the ankle and get gradually looser as they go further up your leg. This encourages your blood to flow upwards towards your heart. These are stockings that have been especially designed to squeeze the legs in order to help maintain your circulation. After surgery they relieve swelling and aching of your legs and can prevent more varicose veins from developing.

For appropriate information on specific procedures as well as for making an examination appointment to discuss your individual care, please contact Dr. Flor. He will explain your options to you and help you decide which treatment is best for you.

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Dr. Flor follows the call to practice again at Viennas Privatklinik Döbling.

You may make an appointment via

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26th International Forum for Minisurgery and Phlebectomie of Varicose Veins Phlebology, Lymphology, Angiology, 16 – 17 March 2012, Frankfurt, Germany
Le Meridien Parkhotel
Prof. Dr. Flor will lecture on “Surgical treatment of Thrombophlebitis” on Friday, 16th of March and on the subject “How do I achieve good cosmetic results in Phlebology?” Saturday, 17th of March.
For further information on this international workshop click here.


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VIMC Vienna International Medical Clinic is the new corporate identity of former Medandmore Clinic. We welcome our new management.

Dr. Flor wishes you a Joyous Christmas Season and expresses his appreciation to his clients and patients. Special regards to the “Venenpraxis” team: Ms. STIX who coordinates the department administration, Dr. HUEMER, Dr. EBERWEIN and VIMCs massage specialist Ms. Roberta GLINZ.


Ihr Dr. Alexander Flor

Dr. Flor bedankt sich bei biolitec und dem Team aus Jena – biolitec biomedical technology GmbH, Otto-Schott-Str. 15, 07745 Jena, Deutschland – für die gute Zusammenarbeit. Der ELVeS® RADIAL Faser wurde beim vergangenen *evf* Hands On Workshop on Venous Disease präsentiert.

Dr. Flor highly recommends biolitec as he worked together with the Team from Jena, Germany – during the *evf* Hands On Workshop on Venous Disease where the ELVeS® RADIAL Faser has been successfully presented.

American College of Phlebology – 25th Annual Congress

November 3-6, 2011Los Angeles, CA • Hosted at the JW Marriott housed within the L.A. Live entertainment complex, just steps from the Staples Center.

Dr. Flor will be attending the American College of Phlebology’s 25th Annual Congress! This year the Program Planning Committee, chaired by Dr. Marlin Schul, has put together an outstanding program with nationally and internationally recognized phlebologists providing the necessary and most current information on venous and lymphatic disease including diagnosis, pathophysiology, and treatment.