26th International Forum for Minisurgery and Phlebectomie of Varicose Veins Phlebology, Lymphology, Angiology, 16 – 17 March 2012, Frankfurt, Germany
Le Meridien Parkhotel
Prof. Dr. Flor will lecture on “Surgical treatment of Thrombophlebitis” on Friday, 16th of March and on the subject “How do I achieve good cosmetic results in Phlebology?” Saturday, 17th of March.
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veinsinternational 2012

As we approach the New Year, one that is supposed to be a turbulent one according to prophecies and media forecasts,
I would like to wish you a smooth and joyful shift to 2012! Warm regards to my family, friends, co-workers, colleagues, clients and patients.
Good health, prosperity and fruitful cooperations to all of you!


Happy New Year!

Yours                                                                                                  Dr. Alexander Flor


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VIMC Vienna International Medical Clinic is the new corporate identity of former Medandmore Clinic. We welcome our new management.

Dr. Flor wishes you a Joyous Christmas Season and expresses his appreciation to his clients and patients. Special regards to the “Venenpraxis” team: Ms. STIX who coordinates the department administration, Dr. HUEMER, Dr. EBERWEIN and VIMCs massage specialist Ms. Roberta GLINZ.


Ihr Dr. Alexander Flor

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The American College of Phlebology´s 25th Annual Congress was a big success. Prof. Dr. Flor spent a very exciting time in Los Angeles and he didn´t miss the opportunity for professional exchange with experts such as M.D. John Mauriello, The Cardiovascular & Vein Center of Florida, Prof. Dr. med. Eberhard Rabe, President of “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Phlebologie” as well as with M.D. Ted King, Vein Clinics of America, a leadindg vein care subsidiary of IntegraMed America, Inc.

Dr. King had presented a principal study at the 20th Annual Congress of the American College of Phlebology and it was selected as part of the most significant advancements in the treatment of varicose vein disease.

Last but not least there is to mention Ms. Dr. Tanja Ebanks who is not only a specialist in treatment of spider veins and hand veins, but she currently is also dealing with breast problems such as cysts, fibroadenomas or even managing breast cancer on Cayman Island.

Dr. Flor bedankt sich bei biolitec und dem Team aus Jena – biolitec biomedical technology GmbH, Otto-Schott-Str. 15, 07745 Jena, Deutschland – für die gute Zusammenarbeit. Der ELVeS® RADIAL Faser wurde beim vergangenen *evf* Hands On Workshop on Venous Disease präsentiert.

Dr. Flor highly recommends biolitec as he worked together with the Team from Jena, Germany – during the *evf* Hands On Workshop on Venous Disease where the ELVeS® RADIAL Faser has been successfully presented.