Feed-Back from my Patients

May 2011

No scars after surgery. It was on my right leg surgery was done. I have pictures from before and from today. I can send it to you, I have it at home. Do you remain in Vienna Tages Clinic? I got a little bit of the same problem on the left leg, but barely visible. 

Before you did the surgery I had a lot of problems when I ran the longer bike rides (> 150km) but now I have no problems anymore. … everything worked great.

Many thanks for a good surgery and that it was possible to arrange quickly. You really have fancy medical clinics in Austria – much more exclusive than I ever seen here. And also more importantly – you have no queues like we have here. I think our country could learn from how you organized your health care.

That ugly thing in the back that you also surgically removed has healed since a long time and – no problems anymore.

Carl Johan Nilsson, Architekt/Business Manager, IBM Svenska AB, Stockholm, Sweden